What is a Super App?


By Henry Jan

A Super App is a mobile app that offers a wide range of services and functions, making it a one-stop destination for users. Super Apps typically combine features of social media, e-commerce, on-demand services, and more, allowing users to perform a variety of tasks within the app.

Super Apps often use micro-apps, also known as "mini-apps," as a way to offer a wide range of services and functions within a single app. Micro-apps are small, specialized apps that are integrated into the Super App and can be accessed by users without the need to download additional apps or leave the Super App.

For example, a Super App might offer a variety of micro-apps for tasks such as booking a ride, ordering food delivery, paying bills, and more. These micro-apps are often developed by third-party developers and integrated into the Super App, allowing users to access a wide range of services within a single app.

Super Apps have gained popularity in other parts of the world, particularly in Asia, but they have not yet become as widespread in the United States. However, there is still interest in the concept of a Super App in the US, and some companies are attempting to create their own versions of the model.

For example, in 2020, Amazon announced plans to launch a Super App in India, which would offer a range of services including e-commerce, food delivery, and financial services. Similarly, companies like Facebook and Google have also explored the possibility of creating Super Apps, though these efforts have not yet come to fruition.

Overall, it is likely that the concept of Super Apps will continue to evolve and may become more popular in the US over time. Examples of Super Apps include WeChat in China, Gojek in Indonesia, and Vezbi Super App in the United States.

About the Author

Henry Jan, the consummate entrepreneur, is the architect of structuring and facilitating over 100 corporate mergers and acquisitions in dozens of industries, including healthcare, cannabis, real estate, logistics, entertainment, and biotech - many of which he ushered into public entities.

Jan is the creator of the Vezbi Super App, which was created with the concept of ‘altruistic egoism' at its core - the idea that the individual’s ‘selfish’ drive can work to improve the lives of all. This tenet shaped not only the philosophy behind the Vezbi Super App but also Vezbi the (Super) business and the establishment of Project Seva, which aims to help fund 100 eligible non-profit organizations, fully encapsulating the idea: “I win when we win.”

Henry Jan